Digital Photography for Print Production Best Practices White Paper Now Available from the Ghent Workgroup

gwg.gifThe international Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG), which in five years has become one of the world’s most respected graphic arts best practice organizations, today announces the availability of the GWG Photography White Paper.

The GWG Photography White Paper gives publishers and photographers a compact set of digital photography guidelines for print production. Correct implementation of ICC color management and standards is essential to ensure that maximum quality is maintained from the original capture through to the final printed result. The GWG recommends using these guidelines for digital photography projects for print production.

According to Peter Kleinheider, print publishing technology manager for Callas Software and GWG co-chair for the color management subcommittee, “Digital photography is here to stay, whether it is in the graphic world or in daily life. Yet the wide varieties in cameras as well as the large number of image (and file) formats have created the need for guidelines that will ensure quality print production.”

According to Kleinheider, these guidelines were initially created by Medibel+, a Belgian graphic arts association: Subsequently, these guidelines were edited and approved by the GWG.

“Digital images utilized for graphic applications should always be of the highest quality. The Ghent PDF Workgroup guidelines give professionals an easy way to check that images will perform as needed.”

The GWG Photography White Paper includes two versions — one covering news photography and the other, commercial photography. Download the free whitepaper as well as free GWG specifications, test suites, and other whitepapers at: