Crossmedia in Manila

faye.jpgVia Monique de Haas kwam ik op de weblog van Faye Martel uit Manila. De naam van de weblog ‘crossmediathoughts’ wierp bij mij de vraag op in hoeverre er in Manila al sprake zou zijn van crossmedia bewegingen.

Enige jaren geleden bezocht ik Manila en had het genoegen een paar dagen ‘les’ te mogen geven aan een aantal media bedrijven, drukkerijen en uitgeverijen. Vandaar mijn interesse voor de deel van de wereld. Onderstaand het stukje dialoog tussen Faye en mij:

Crossmedia Playground in Manila?!

I’m tickled pink! Someone, someone actually not related to me, has read my blog! Yey!

What things are going on on the crossmedia playground in Manilla? Are publishers involved? Newspapers? Who comes up with new formats? Where does radio and television fit in? What about narrowcasting and what about the printing industry?
Peter Luit

I don’t think there are crossmedia formats in Manila, much more a “crossmedia playground” to speak of, there’s not even a crossmedia sandbox! The first time I ever encountered such word was there in the Netherlands and if I do look closely at the media landscape locally, I can point a few projects that go by the name “interactive” rather than crossmedia.

Major players are newspapers and television companies. Mostly these projects are just supports to their television programs that provide additional information and a venue for their money making ventures like mobile downloads. Some television programs are available on mobile via streaming video content but these are just reruns of the programming they have shown on TV and not specifically created for mobile.

As far as storylines that “direct the receiver from one medium to the next”, I don’t think we have such formats yet. As for narrowcasting, there are a few products that use this as a marketing strategy and there is this production company that produces local shows specifically for podcasting.
I am yet to discover what is really out here with regards to crossmedia formats. But this is what is happening locally as far as I know. Thanks for your question, Peter! Groetjes!

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Door: Peter Luit