Crossmedia Impact 2009 * International Conference in Utrecht


International Conference in Utrecht
Hogeschool Utrecht – University of Applied Sciences – Faculty Communication & Journalism

Crossmedia Impact 2009
What is the impact of blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Hyves, Facebook, LinkedIn, MSN, RSS, UGC, API’s, iPhones, eReaders and other new digital technologies and web 2.0 innovations on the media and communication industry? Are newspapers, radio and TV still important ingredients in the consumer’s media diet? And if so, how do traditional media use the new opportunities? What are the latest strategies for content creation and distribution? Should journalists and other media professionals invite users to participate, should they employ new platforms for distribution and new ways of gathering information?

Crossmedia Impact stands for new ways of communicating, publishing and marketing. The conference will present examples of good and bad practices founded on solid theoretical models. Online media may indeed have many benefits; but to be truly successful, media must produce more and better targeted content in the appropriate media mix.

Issues to be covered at the conference will include: collaborative story-making and community generated content, the rise of on-demand media, digital and mobile video production, social networks, new digital business models, the use of blogs and Twitter for media professionals.

This conference will give you an overview of the different ways to deliver news, information and entertainment, thus analysing, reconsidering and questioning the different experiences within a broad context of issues.

Speakers will include Mark Deuze (Professor of Journalism and New Media, Bloomington University, Indiana), Neil Thurman (Senior Lecturer Electronic Publishing), Harry van Vliet (Professor Research Group Crossmedia Content, Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences).

This conference will prove particularly interesting to media and communication professionals, instructors of Communication and Journalism, developers of crossmedia business models, crossmedia content/new media researchers, and publishers or students of Communication and Journalism.

Date: Thursday 11 June & Friday 12 June 2009
Time: 12.00 pm – 12.00 pm
Location: Utrecht, Padualaan 99